The Ace club

Pictured above from L to R: Andy Cajka – Ace Club Member, William McGrit – PGA Tour, Jay Haas – PGA Tour Champions, Jimmy Gibbs – Ace Club Founder, Michael Pius – Executive Director, Bill Haas – PGA Tour, Ben Martin – PGA Tour




Jimmy Gibbs – Founder
Richard & Susan Burgess
Brad Bylenga
Andy Cajka
Justin Converse
Sheldon Early
Scott Ferrell
Brian Geppi
Bill Haas
Jay Haas
Dirk Pieper
Ron Rasmussen
Jonathan Seymour
Todd Whitehead

Jay Haas and Birdie Level Participant Kamil S.
L to R: Kamil S., Mercy S., AnnaLeis Dibert – Outreach Coordinator, Luke H. and Britt H.
L to R: Board Member, Scott Ferrel and Annette Ferrell, Board President, Ron Rasmussen and Greenville Advisory Council Member, Rob Reeves.