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Last weekend, The PGA Tour Champions conducted the 16th edition of the tournament at Pebble Beach where 78 of their members are paired with 78 The First Tee participants from across the country. These participants are chosen based on playing ability and an application process. Our goal here at The First Tee of the Upstate is to have one of our participants be selected to play in The Pure Championship in the next 3 years. This will require a lot of hard work, sweat, dedication and application of the Life and Golf Skills that our PLAYers learn each week.

I had the opportunity to caddy for a friend of mine back in 2016, Tim Petrovic. It was an amazing experience to see how the kids were treated like Tour Players on such an iconic golf course and bond with these Players. Petro still talks to the young man from The First Tee of Delaware, Kaden Kinard, that he played with. Kaden is a sophomore at Catholic University and a star on the golf team. Kaden will always have a relationship with a Tour Player because of this experience, much like our own AnnaLeis Dibert who played in 2 Pure Championships.

We can’t wait to be rooting for The First Tee of the Upstate’s first ever participant in this Tournament!!


Matt Sharkey

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