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Nelia L. is a BIRDIE level participant, a Girls Golf member and a sophomore at Southside High school in Greenville county. She is participating in our First Tee at Home e-learning classes to further her golf skills and life skills while staying at home during COVID-19. Her First Tee Coach, Coach AnnaLeis, challenged the BIRDIE participants to create VISION boards to better showcase their Dreams & Goals for their future! Nelia was excited to showcase her past, present and future goals on her VISION board. Here is what she wrote:

“This collage captures my past, present, and future in golf. Some of the experiences from my past that have led me to play golf are running varsity cross country and playing tennis for my high school. My parents also put me in a lot of different sports at the YMCA when I was younger. I have always enjoyed playing all kinds of sports and trying new things, so I decided to try golf. I included some pictures from my first golf match that I won, which is one of my proudest moments in golf. Some of the people who have influenced me in golf are my parents and little brother. Coach AnnaLeis is another huge influence to me because she is an amazing, encouraging coach and mentor. Also, she started golf with the First Tee when she was 13 and went on to play in college, and I admire her story because I started playing golf at 15 with the First Tee, and my dream is to get a golf scholarship to play in college as well.”

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